Lugares comunes / Common places is an international, award-winning type foundry based in London (UK) [1] and Los Angeles (US) [2]. We create, publish, and distribute [3] high-quality retail and custom typefaces for analog and digital media.

Since 2009, Colophon has tasked itself with producing fonts that are composed with aesthetic and technological care, prompting a reputable library of new classics that couple typographic history with contemporary sensibilities. In tandem with its own designs, the foundry hosts original typefaces drawn by influential practitioners [4] from varied design disciplines. The resulting catalogue offers graphic designers and users-of-type a series of indelible digital tools, each with a distinct typographic identity.

Jesús Fuentes Guaza

Es periodista en la plataforma digital Houzz. Ha sido editora de historias en las revistas Ronda y Rolling Stone, y colabora en medios como El País, Papel (El Mundo) o Rockdelux. Vive en el Este de Londres, en mitad de las Docklands.

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